Get everything you need for successful vacation rental Airbnb management

Manage unlimited properties like superhost from one dashboard !


Communicate in one place

View your entire communication with guests, from first inquiry to confirmed reservation to follow-up – all in one thread – including those you send via Airbnb, What’s app or email.

Monitor your tasks and keep staff tuned

Receive important info about your listings or property with notes and TO DO list and prevent your staff next to the assigned task.

Keep your cleaners updated on their upcoming cleanings or have your check-in personnel informed on their next arrivals, without the need to check their emails all the time.


Personalize your message with dynamic variables, such as the guest name or check-in date of a specific reservation. Create your own custom variables that enable you to include reservation or listing specific information into your templates.

Play for time with automated messages

Create automated messages  and have it send out to guests at any stage before, during or after their stay. Choose the time you want them to be delivered and medium you want : E-mail or Airbnb message.


View and find availability of your properties on all channels, without having to login to various platforms. See the listings that are available on certain dates, pending reservations or properties that are best suitable for a specific number of guests, all in Guesty’s Multi-Calendar.